Thursday, 25 January 2007

From the Air

I've just looked on "Google Earth" and found a good aerial shot of the allotment in all its glory. It is the two sections in the middle of the photo just above the green netting. You can see the storage area that the former owners put up in the top left hand corner of the plot. Needless to say, it will be removed soon as it is quite dilapidated and hopefully that is where we will be having the compost area.

The seeds, onion sets and potatoes have not arrived yet, but I am all geared up to get sowing as soon as they arrive. The sacks of compost are piled up, the pots and trays are ready and the greenhouse shelving has been cleaned in preparation. So now, as they say, we wait for the postman.

Monday, 15 January 2007

It's Begun!

Today my husband and I went to view an allotment that had been offered to us at the local allotment society. This will be my first allotment and I was so excited as I have been waiting for one to become vacant since last summer, and wasn't expecting it to happen this year. The site is a half plot (about all we could manage at the moment) and was cultivated up until December last year, so it doesn't look too bad. The photo shows its current state. It faces due south so will be sun-baked in the hot weather - good for growing my husband's favourite vegetable - chillies!

The reasons we have decided to get an allotment are:-
  • to grow a wide variety of organic fruit and vegetables for the family
  • I have outgrown the available space in our garden
  • It will be fun

We will take possession of the site in about mid-late March so in the meantime we have ordered seeds, onion sets and potatoes and as soon as they all arrive sowing will start in earnest.

I hope to post at regular intervals as things progress.