Thursday, 6 September 2007

Looking Ahead

Over the past 4 weeks since my last blog a certain pattern has emerged when I go to the allotment. The first thing I do is to inspect the crops and to see what has grown (and in the case of the tomatoes what has not grown!) and then decide which to pick at the end of my time there. After that, as I am beginning to prepare for the next set of planting I am concentrating on digging certain areas so that seeds/seedlings can be planted at the optimum time. Last week I received my favourite seed catalogue (Thompson & Morgan) so I will be spending an evening or two deciding what it would be nice to try and grow.

The last month has been relatively quiet at the allotment (we've been on holiday) and apart from watering and harvesting there is not a great deal to do apart've guessed it...digging!

Over the summer I took the opportunity of making myself a "wish list" of all the things I would like at the allotment and I came up with the following:-

  • 4 big beds, all 4 ft wide
  • herb bed
  • strawberry bed
  • salad bed
  • 2 childrens beds
  • wild flower & flower bed
  • raspberries along trellis
  • blackcurrant & redcurrant dividing "hedge"
  • fruit tree(s)
I drew myself a plan and this helped me to realise that with a little planning it is all achievable in the next year or two. I'll keep you posted as to progress.

I've also looked into a bulk order of compost/manure from the local council being delivered to the site so that the worms can work some magic over the winter months.