Monday, 12 November 2007

What's in Store

Last Wednesday when I went to the allotment I met up with another allotmenteer who is a carpenter and he has offered to construct on site a lockable storage box for me. It will be 7 ft wide, 1m high and 1m deep, on 4" plinths with a small amount of decking in front so that we can sit down for a well earned rest on our green camping chairs with a little something to drink. The roof will have a layer of asphalt on top, the insides will be lined with a layer of thick waterproof plastic material and will have an assortment of hooks and a shelf or two. I'm very excited as this is the first permanent structure at the site and the rest of the allotment will work around it.

I redrew my original plan when I knew where the storage box was to be sited and the allotment is now beginning to take shape and get some structure to it.

As soon as it's in place I will photograph it so you can all see.